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Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Public Finance 2016

Proceedings of the 21th International Conference

Printed proceedings – UNSALEABLE sedmihradská_2016

Proceedings from the 21st annual conference Theoretical and practical aspects of the public finance held in Prague in April 2016. It contains 60 papers selected based on a double blind peer review process. The papers are divided into three thematic sections: A – Tax Policy, B – Public Expenditure and C – Public finance and finance.

ISBN  978-80-245-2155-8
DOI  10.18267/pr.2016.sed.2155.8

Editor Lucie Sedmihradská
Number of pages 358
Format A5
Language english
Publisher University of Economics, Prague, Oeconomica Publishing House
Year of publication 2016
Available at http://kvf.vse.cz/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/OK_A5-sborn%C3%ADk-TPAVF-2016.pdf